We would like to thank everyone for your support during our BBQ adventure.  While hoping that this will someday lead to my own Food Truck, to me more than anything BBQ or cooking in general have been a passion of mine for many years.  I love conquering the cooking times, temps, and fire to make what I hope many consider exceptional BBQ. As with most things that involve consistency …I’m sure I may have an off day just like any BBQ guy can and will.  But rest assured any product I put out will have every ounce of passion i have for the game.  Hopefully you will taste that….even on an off day.  For the time being and for quality control we will be doing small batch cooks.  I want to be able to announce online when and where we will be and hopefully sell out in a few hours. We call it “Ninja BBQ”
Thank you again for all your support…..believe it when I say that I can’t wait to put my meat in your Moutholes.